Interview with Handsocks #FAB VCU Intern

Best thing about being a student?  New friends, sleeping in, curriculum, gym time.....nope, it's getting to be an intern. ;)  At least we at Handsocks think so! We get the once in a life time opportunity to share our deepest desires and stretch goals and make you part of the plan to get there! Excited to do a little intro for you to one of the interns we worked with this session at VCU, Jasmine Hernandez. Us: Jasmine, tell us a little about where you are from and why you came to study at VCU?... 

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Handsocks Use # 1001 Eating Snow

Excited Jillian found a new use for Handsocks today. *Eating Snow My sister in-law and I were discussing that eating snow doesn't even cross our minds. Are we all missing out on a few of the little things in our older age? It's a quick reminder to find ways to bring back that childish spontaneity and gusto, to create random happiness from simple things. It snowed a foot here in Cape Cod yesterday.  Today, I just might eat some. Handsocks mama 

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Hurray for Parents who Blog!

As those of us at Handsocks who have kids tread the wondrous, adventurous, precarious path of parenthood, we’ve been discussing just how brilliant it is that there is a world of parenting tips, advice, fun stuff at our fingertips in the form of blogs for parents.   A good parenting blog can: advise, reassure, sympathise, raise a laugh. Especially during those first years of parenting when amongst the joy and love there can also be worry, fear and uncertainty, it can be so amazing to happen upon another mom or dad who’s experiencing the same... 

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Christmas and the holiday season with Handsocks

With Fall well settled in, our thoughts start turning towards Christmas and the holiday season. If you, a family member or friend have been fortunate enough to have a baby this year then you and they will no doubt be looking forward to the holidays even more than usual. We know Christmas is made all the more special when we have children around: adults can indulge in the fun and frivolity embarrassment-free when they’re joined by little ones. But babies first Christmas? We’re not sure they quite understand what all the fuss is about just... 

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