Do Handsocks come in a "left" and a "right?"

Nope! Our Handsocks are designed to be worn on either hand to make it easy for everyone to pull on quickly.

Are Handsocks meant to be worn all day?

While Handsocks are not meant to be worn 24 hours a day, they are designed with a mitten that flips open for easy slide on and access to hands. This also allows you to expose hands and gives an opportunity for newborns and babies to still touch and explore with their fingers.

How do I determine which size my child needs?

Handsocks are sized based on "bicep size," and often that does correlate with the age range of the child, but it's always best to measure the bicep if you aren't sure! 

Too long? Roll them down as you see fit. 

Our XS mittens are designed for 0-3 month old babies, with a bicep size of 3.5-5.5". 

Our SMALL mittens are designed for babies up to 6 months in age with a bicep size of 4.5-6.5".

Our MEDIUM mittens are designed for babies 6-12 months in age, with a bicep size of 5-8".

And our TODDLER + mittens are designed for children with a bicep size between 5.5-9'.

How snug should they be? 

You should be able to put a finger between the bicep and the ribbing to ensure they are not too tight. They can leave a mark like a sock would at the rib, but it will go away within 20 min of removing. 

Do Handsocks have Latex?


Are Handsocks waterproof?

Nope they are not, but they are thick enough that drool doesn’t soak through, usually. Dry them out if they are soggy or swap the pair. 

What’s the best way to wash them?

You can wash them in cold water and lay them out to dry or throw them in the dryer, either way is OK. No special detergent is required. 

What is your return policy? 

Bottom line - we want you to have the right size mitten for your child's needs! Please use the "Contact Us" button before returning your mittens so we can help find the correct size and find a resolution for your questions.

What's the easiest way to get Handsocks on my child?


  • Flip open mittens.
  • Scrunch sock.
  • Wiggle hand through.
  • Slide Handsock up the arm.
  • Close mitten when desired.
  • When mittens are the right size they should fit snugly like a sock and stay on strap free.

Pro-tip: Put the flap on the back of the hand if you don’t want the fingers to sneak out of the mitten.