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My son has had bad cradle cap and eczema and constantly scratches his head. These are a lifesaver. They stay on and are super soft!

Amazon customer

I’m actually getting ready to purchase another set of these for my son. They are a life saver. He tends to scratch his face, head and get his eyes. We usually use socks but he gets them off. I highly recommend these.

Amazon customer

We got these for eczema, our childs hands have eczema and he’s always trying to suck on them, which makes the situation worse. These worked well for a few hours but then we would have to switch them out because they got soggy from his trying to suck on them. Otherwise, these are the best I can find for our situation.

Amazon customer

These Handsocks have truly saved my first borns skin in this first 18 months of life. My son has awful eczema that is constantly flared year round. We tried countless steroid creams, non steroidal creams, oatmeal/breastmilk baths, you name it, to combat his severe eczema and the skin issues it causes him. Nothing was ever a great solution to prevent him from scratching his skin to the point of bleeding in the middle of the night. He would itch his skin so badly, he would continue to break his skin open and bleed through his pajamas and sheets. I discovered Handsocks and decided to give them a shot as a mama in need and desperate not to see him in pain from attacking his skin so badly trying to get any relief. The first night I put Handsocks on him, he couldn’t itch his skiing and night after night he seemed to want the Handsocks more knowing they helped him. Within a few days, I noticed immediate improvement in his skin because he couldn’t itch it raw anymore. We began using Handsocks in the car since I couldn’t stop him from itching in his car seat while driving as well as for naps. They are super cozy and soft. The owner has helped me a few times figuring out sizing as my little one has grown into a toddler now and needs different sizing, and she even helped me with my daughter with figuring out her correct size! These are an item I will make sure to include in every baby shower gift to a girlfriend and a staple baby item every mama needs!


Grab these for your LO & more for gifts! I bought some of these for my newborn to keep her from scratching her face. We loved them so much that I’ve given them several times as baby shower gifts. I always get big thank yous when mamas use them. Love!


AMAZING!!! I’m crazy about these. My baby escaped so many different kinds of mitts and kept scratching her face in the night…until these! They are so comfy and cozy and she can’t get them off (and she’s really tried!). When I needed the next size up, that wasn’t available at the time on Amazon, I got in touch and was able to order through the website directly. It was fantastic, friendly service and most importantly my little one can continue using Handsocks. I recommend them to everyone. They are amazing!


Great product and wonderful customer service!

Amazon customer

These handsocks were ordered for our grandson after this palette surgery. He came home from the hospital with hospital mittens which he tried to get off all the way home. These handsocks fit perfectly (size 6-12 months) for a small 15 month old; and he was comfortable with them as soon as they were put on. He wore them all day with the mitt part pulled back and the fingers covered for naps at night. We didn’t have a problem with him trying to stick his fingers in his mouth, but if he had, these Handsocks would have prevented that. When I sent one pair (of two I purchased) back because they were not needed, my refund was processed promptly and I received an email from the seller asking if there was some issue the company could address. I assured them their product was great and that I would reorder in the future, if needed.


I bought a pair last year at a local baby store called Pacifier (Minneapolis, MN) & just love them.  My little guy is 1 now, so needed bigger mittens for the winter & I couldn't imagine a better product to get for him.  I'll continue to recommend them to everyone I know with little ones.  Thanks for the awesome invention! 


Over the last few months, I have purchased several pairs if your pink Handsocks for my daughter Elodie (through amazon/order name is Emily St Thomas). We received your christmas card and saw the request for "our story." Regardless of the naming rights for your new collection, i wanted you to hear about my daughter and how your mittens have helped. my daughter has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, a very serious skin condition which means her skin will blister or peel off with only the slightest friction. in its most severe form, EB is fatal. Thankfully, Elodie is doing well and is presenting more resilient than most. That said, we have a lot of challenges. Recently, what do we do "post-swaddle" when her fingernails can cause severe damage (many EB kids have lost all fingernails by five months, Elodie still has nine for which we are grateful- but again, more challenges). Enter handsocks!!! these big puffy mittens (that she cant remove) not only fit over her bandages but keep her from hurting herself when she inevitably rubs her face at night. We are so grateful for this product and will be sharing it with other EB families. 

Emily, Dave and baby Elodie

When I saw the hand socks I thought they would be perfect for our little heart warrior we are anxiously expecting soon. She has a severe congenital heart defect and will be spending a great deal of time in the NICU before and after open heart surgeries. Not only will they help her to not pull at her cords or touch her incisions, but heart warriors notoriously have cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. Thank you for coming up with this. We are praying we get the chance to use them on her.


The ones I returned were too small.  I got the larger size and love them.  Best thing we have found to help our itchy baby.  She has eczema and will rub and scratch till she bleeds.  These are so soft and really keep her safe.  Thank you for a great product. 


I cannot thank hand socks enough for giving my 1 day new son comfort while he was in the NICU. He had to wear a port for his IV and the port was wrapped in a huge cast like casing to keep it from being knocked around. It was extremely sharp on the edges (which is ridiculous) and when he moved his little arms towards his face it was cutting his cheeks. My husband freaked out and drove home to get our Handsocks. He grabbed our larger sized ones and slid it over his arm. PERFECTION! No more slices on his brand new beautiful skin. The nurses were in awe of this Handsock! They all asked me where to buy them. We were not expecting this use for our Handsocks but they really helped a stressed out new mama and papa relax just a little bit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


She won’t take them off now! They are super soft and she keeps stroking her face then mine. It’s very comforting!


I wish Handsocks had been available when my girls were babies.


They really are the best. I keep them in the diaper bag.


We love our Handsocks! My daughter still sucks her thumb at 4 1/2, so she's been wearing them at night to help ween. Great way to keep using them as they grow!


I bought a pair of Handsocks for my granddaughter and my daughter loves them. They are a fantastic product.


My kids couldn’t keep mittens on and I couldn’t keep a pair together in the laundry to save my life. Seriously, a uniquely awesome gift for someone expecting.


I have to say that we have a definite Handsocks addiction going on over here! My daughter will not take them off! She has been sick this week, and insists that she has them to "make her feel better!" I'm pretty sure they're a permanent part of our nightly routine, as she sleeps with them on over lotion to moisturize her hands.


Just what I needed for self soothing! My 7.5 month old is a big boy and has always liked to be swaddled.Now that he can roll around the transitional swaddle is $50 and his legs always get stuck out of the footing. This works perfectly and doesn’t make his cheeks raw because it is so soft. Exactly what I was looking for. He is 26 lbs 3 oz and I ordered a size large. They fit perfectly. They don’t slide down. He even sleeps better with these.

Amazon customer

I spent months researching a good way to solve my son’s glove problem. He is 3 years old and he’s autistic with some additional sensory needs. We could not keep gloves on him to save our lives. It gets very cold here in the winter, so we needed a solution. I stumbled upon these handsocks and thought we’d give them a shot! My son absolutely loves them. He did learn to take them off, but chooses to keep them on most of the time. He loves the soft fabric and will often rub them against his face happily. They are a lifesaver!


I love these. I use them on my 5 mo old so her hands don’t get cold at night. She has the coldest hands and these work amazing to keep her warm. They are very comfortable and easy to put on.


These were exactly what I was looking for. Something that would keep my babies hands warm while sleeping and not fall off. I even put them on as gloves when we go outside in the cold. They are nice and thick and fit great. They are soft and good quality!


My 2 year old that has level 3 autism, kept scratching his face up at night time in his crib. Every morning he had new, bloody scratches. I tried everything. Clipped his nails, filed his nails (as best as I could bc he doesn't let me hold his hand long before he screams), putting ointments and lotions on his face, etc. We started thinking it was behavioral bc he gets ear infections a lot so we found these. It's a game changer. He didn't cry when we put them on. This is the best sleep I've seen him have in a while. Thank you!


Great product!! My son has been battling eczema for 3 months now and he still wears mittens and I would have to double it up because he would scratch really hard! I finally switched him to socks but he learned how to take them off so as the mittens 😫I decided to find hand socks for eczema babies and came across this product and I have to say I love it!! I’ve been using it for just 3 days and I Don’t have to worry about waking up to scars in my sons head or face. It’s very soft and long enough for him not to remove lol and so far all his battle scars are gone because of this product! Must have for eczema babies!!


Our daughter has Symbrachydactyly, her hand did not completely form due to a blood clot. She actually has a partial palm and nubbins, her bones are slightly different in structure. We have been so worried about how she will function, but she surprised us all. When she turned 5 months she began to full on crawl which made her "little hand" rub on a bony area we were excited and worried because a prosthesis would be heavy, but if the rubbing continued it could lead to infection and possible amputation! Then we found Handsocks!!!!!!!!!! So THANKFUL for this product mittens would come off and not enough padding to protect her. After lots of research we found this awesome product. It goes up her arm and we can fold the cuff over to where it is more of a padding for her hand when she crawls. Our daycare has allowed us to use them and praised them on daily basis because they are not spending the day worrying about ulcerations or putting them on 20x a day. They stay on even with intense baby crawling, pulling and chewing! Plus her hand is able to breathe!


Great for sleeping! We recently started transitioning out of a sleepsack, so baby's hands were exposed. We keep our house super cold at night and she wouldn't keep regular socks on her hands (she'd wake up with them off and her hands like ice). I decided to give these a try and so far, so good! Her hands are still pretty cold in the morning, but not like ice cubes. I like that these tuck up around her elbow to keep her from being able to thrash them off at night.

Amazon customer

We've been struggling with our 5 month old scratching her face and head with her sharp little nails no matter how often we trim her nails. She pulls off normal mittens with ease, when the ones with velcro and even if she doesn't, the material isn't soft so she still runs her face until it's red. But these hand socks... Omg they are perfect. She can't pull them off easily, they're super soft so they don't wreck her face if she rubs her skin, and I can switch between covering and uncovering her hands so she can play throughout the day. So happy I got these and I'll be buying more!


I bought these for my almost 2 year old daughter because she has started to pull on her hair when she is bored in the car or overtired. They are perfect!! Prior to finding this, I had also tried another product, that is pricier and not nearly as soft. These are way better. They deter my daughter from grabbing her hair, and on the rare occassion that she does touch her hair, the mitts are so soft and thick that she can't get a good enough grip to be able to pull. I was looking everywhere for something like this!! Thank you for an amazing product!!


I bought this at 3 am nursing my little one on a whim. When he woke up to nurse I noticed his sleeve was soaking wet and his little arm was so cold. I rolled up his sleeve so that the wet part was doubled over the dry part as to make him more comfortable. And then I got to thinking, what can I do to double up his sleeves but not another layer of clothing and overheat the poor guy..... in comes handsocks! What a great idea. So soft, not too tight ( my son is 7 months and just over 20 lbs), and woke up w warm cozy hands and arms. Super happy, may buy another set!

Amazon customer

These are the best gloves I’ve found, and I’ve bought all of them. It’s a nightly routine now where LO knows when the socks comes on, it’s night night time. They’re soft, and hold up in the wash extremely well. This helps with the scratching tremendously with my LO’s eczema. I also have a pair to my friends child suffering from eczema and they love them. I ordered more through their direct website but received the wrong ones due to my inability to read! Not only did they send me the right ones, they let me keep the wrong ones. Best product, best customer service!!!


Handsocks are an awesome gift for baby showers... lots of different neutral colors to choose from, super soft and always the hit of the baby shower since they are unique. Love how soft/plush the mittens are, and that there are various sizes and go all the way up the arms. I was worried before I held my first pair that they may be too tight on babies arms, but they are not - they stretch and breathe well. I am thinking about getting a few for some toddlers I know as Christmas presents as well - way better than standard mittens for busy little ones!


I love these. I was using socks for my son's hands at night because he'd scratch his head and forehead up due to his eczema but the socks were making his eyes raw from rubbing them through the night. A lot of people recommend these and I'm so glad they did. They're soft so when my baby rubs his face it's no bother to him. Now he sleeps much more soundly and I'm not worried all night about his poor head. He's worn them every night since we got them. I would definitely recommend them!


My baby was waking up at night from rubbing her head and face with her hands. When I'd pick her up, her hands were also very cold. I tried socks on her hands, but she managed to get those off. These Handsocks stay put, keeping her hands warm. The fabric on the hands is super soft so when she rubs her face it isn't painful. I would definitely recommend trying them!


Overall, I’m happy with these. My baby is 3 months old. I purchased the 0-6 month size. At this size now, he can wiggle them off, though not as easily as your standard mittens. Because they’re so long, even if he wiggles his hand down, the sock part still covers his fingernails to prevent him from scratching. Also, they don’t get “lost” as easily as standard baby mittens. These are definitely better than the Velcro mitts, too.


THESE STAY PUT! These saved my life! I have a preemie baby who will not stop scratching his face. I've ordered baby doll socks to put on his hands and of course they didn't say. He was just too small for regular socks. He was too small for the classic mittens. So I ordered these. These are fantastic. Yes he's wriggled out of these a time or 2 but they are a tad loose in him. Everything is. But they do stay put 90% of the time and no more scratches on his teeny tiny face. I'd order again.

Amazon customer

My daughter was getting out of here swaddle and scratching her face in the middle of the night. I ordered a few different mitts because I was afraid she would get them off. These were definitely the softest and most anti scratch.


My son's hands get cold easily at night and he also likes to try to scratch himself. The normal gloves I buy just slip off and are pretty useless. These are so great! They stay on, they are warm, I can open them if needed. It makes bedtime so much easier. I even ordered a pair for my sister to use on her baby.


I like that these mittens are hard to slip off and slide all the way up the arm. The slim fitting arm part Is what prevents these mitts from falling off so easily. My baby has severe eczema so it’s nice that the hands parts are pretty soft when he rubs his face with it.i also like that the hands part can open so I can hold his hand or he can move his hands around.


I bought these because my two month old niece is always scratching herself, and always rips the regular mittens off super easily, but she figured out how to get these off pretty quick too. Not really blaming the mittens, she's just a pretty smart baby! Update: my new nephew is a bigger scratcher so we tried these on him. These things are amazing! When i heard how amazing they were doing with my nephew, I bought some for my son since he also never keeps mittens on, no more cold hands! Absolutely love these, they're super soft and definitely keep him warm.


I purchased these mittens for my 6 month old son who scratches his head and face when he is tired and during the night. This product was great! They are soft, slightly padded so that his nails don't dig into his skin, and they stay on all night. I really liked the fact that I can fold the mittens over to "free" his hands without taking the entire thing off.


These are great. My daughter was scratching her face at night, her nails are sharp no matter the length and her hands were so cold at night! These mittens did not only tackle those two issues but they provided a level of comfort, she absolutely loves them. Another plus is that she sucks them and her hands dont get wet! So glad for these!

Amazon customer

These are great!! We have a daughter who suffers at night with her eczema. These mittens are long enough that they stay on most nights. (She’s figured out how to use her teeth to take off!) we recommend this product and bought 2 pairs already!


My little one loves to scratch herself and this was such a life saver. I was able to give her freedom to be unswaddled at night.


My son has very sensitive skin. He was constantly scratching his face. I tried everything there is and these gloves helped a lot. Not only were they super soft but they stayed on my son and prevented him from scratching. I will be buying more.


These have been invaluable for our baby boy. He has terrible allergies which result in horrible eczema. For a while there he would wake up looking like he had lost a fight with himself. Now his skin is looking so much better! HandSocks were the only thing that would stay on! Thank you!!!!


I ordered these for my 5 month old son who has to be on a lot of medicines for his medical condition. Some of these meds make him very itchy. These hand socks have worked great since he can’t take them off! The product is amazing and the seller is super responsive and cares about the product working for you. Thank you Casey!!!


I LOVE these!! My son always took off those baby mittens you get for baby shower gifts and he'd scratch up his face while nursing. So I had to find something different for mittens that wouldn't come off easily. And these work wonderfully! They also keep his hands nice and warm. I would definitely recommend these and gift them to other moms instead of the traditional mittens!!


It helps with my baby because he suffer with ezema really badly.


Fit great, stay on, wash great!! Happy with purchase!


My daughter has eczema really bad especially at night w the dry air... And these are wonderful and have a playful design that my daughter loves. Thank you and would love more designs for toddlers!


These Handsocks have become part of our daily routine. My baby has eczema and gets very itchy at night. All of the other baby mittens, socks etc he was able to take off. These are the only ones that give me peace of mind that my baby is not scratching himself bloody in the night. So good we bought a second pair.


Grandson has excema and until we got to see pediatric dermatologist these were a good solution for nighttime.


Finally! Hand socks my 3 month old son can't fling off! These kept him from scratching up his face which he had a bad habit of doing! No other hand socks/mittens have done as great of a job as these ones have. I definitely recommend!


We love handsocks for how soft they are, and how well they stay on. Our daughter has EB and its very important to keep her from rubbing her face as often as possible. Its not always possible, but her handsocks greatly reduce the amount of damage she can do just by rubbing her eyes a few times. Thanks!


They’re a little hard to get on, but that’s to be expected because of how high up on the arm they go. They stay on all night, and help my 3 month old baby sleep much better.


Bought them as a gift they are super soft and I think they will be perfect great quality and I may have to order more!!!!


Works great!! Our baby had terrible eczema and would scratch himself all night. He uses these and they stay on all night! Now that he’s teething, he’ll naw on these at night, but it doesn’t get his hands and clothes wet/cold.


They are very soft and comfortable. I use it for my baby every night to prevent him from scratching his face.


I really like these hand socks. they are thick at the hands, and really cute. Fast shipping, and as a grandma I appreciate the thickness of the hand covers. I would recommend.


Love this product! Keeps my baby’s arms and hands warm at night!!!!! They used to be freezing cold and make him restless, but not with this product. Now my baby sleeps good and stays warm!


Snuggly, east to put on, and great quality! My 4 month old’s hands got so cold at night I think it woke him up. These keep him warm and cozy, which helps him sleep through the night - a win for the whole family!


Great customer service! I had some questions so I sent an email to the company and recieved a response right away. They were very helpful and I got the product quickly. I ordered size 0-6 and they work great and I’ll be buying more of the next size! Highly recommend.

Amazon customer

Our four month old has horrid eczema and scratches constantly. We cannot swaddle him as he can roll over. He can escape from all other gloves, but somehow these stay on. The soft fabric on the hands soothes him. We love these!!


These are amazing! I have been looking for something to put on my child's hands at night to keep him warm. The cotton mittens were not warm enough and other gloves were too thick. These are perfect! I ordered a pair in the next size!

Amazon customer

Great baby shower gift! They’re so adorable!

Amazon customer

Love these Hand Socks! The socks stay on my baby girl’s little hands and are a great option to have on hand, when I run out of time to file her nails.


I got these size 0-6 months for my 6 week old. She loves them she's been trying to eat them all day. They look just like the picture and stay on pretty well.


We love these! Works great and doesn’t come off!


Bought these for my 5 yo nephew with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Perfect for him bc he can’t yank it off and gnaw on his hands. Very soft.

Amazon customer

Super cute and warm! Fit my baby boy very nicely. Will keep my Minnesota boy warm this winter!


These are great. They stay on and now my grandson doesn't have scratches all over his face. Highly recommended.


Love it. Stays on. No Velcro. Nice and soft. Perfect. My baby has sensitive and eczema so it was important to find something that works.


Great product, my baby wouldn’t sleep without these for the first 9 months! Very nice quality!


Cute and really helped my newborn from scratching her face. This also helped me put her in all her onsies more easily.

Amazon customer

So soft and a good price! These are a life saver! My little one is 5 MO and scratches his face while sleeping or mad. They fit perfectly.


I love these. Soft and keeps baby hands warm. Plus they dont have velcro. A great purchase!


These worked very well for us! They’re very soft and stay on well.


Five stars! Very cute. Soft. Exactly what I was looking for. Keeps my daughters hands warm.


Great innovation and quality product! What a wonderful product and service! Great quality and was here next day! Thank you!


Awesome product! They work great to keep our baby from scratching!

Amazon customer