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I bought a pair last year at a local baby store called Pacifier (Minneapolis, MN) & just love them.  My little guy is 1 now, so needed bigger mittens for the winter & I couldn't imagine a better product to get for him.  I'll continue to recommend them to everyone I know with little ones.  Thanks for the awesome invention! 


Over the last few months, I have purchased several pairs if your pink Handsocks for my daughter Elodie (through amazon/order name is Emily St Thomas). We received your christmas card and saw the request for "our story." Regardless of the naming rights for your new collection, i wanted you to hear about my daughter and how your mittens have helped. my daughter has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, a very serious skin condition which means her skin will blister or peel off with only the slightest friction. in its most severe form, EB is fatal. Thankfully, Elodie is doing well and is presenting more resilient than most. That said, we have a lot of challenges. Recently, what do we do "post-swaddle" when her fingernails can cause severe damage (many EB kids have lost all fingernails by five months, Elodie still has nine for which we are grateful- but again, more challenges). Enter handsocks!!! these big puffy mittens (that she cant remove) not only fit over her bandages but keep her from hurting herself when she inevitably rubs her face at night. We are so grateful for this product and will be sharing it with other EB families. 

Emily, Dave and baby Elodie

When I saw the hand socks I thought they would be perfect for our little heart warrior we are anxiously expecting soon. She has a severe congenital heart defect and will be spending a great deal of time in the NICU before and after open heart surgeries. Not only will they help her to not pull at her cords or touch her incisions, but heart warriors notoriously have cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. Thank you for coming up with this. We are praying we get the chance to use them on her.


The ones I returned were too small.  I got the larger size and love them.  Best thing we have found to help our itchy baby.  She has eczema and will rub and scratch till she bleeds.  These are so soft and really keep her safe.  Thank you for a great product. 


I cannot thank hand socks enough for giving my 1 day new son comfort while he was in the NICU. He had to wear a port for his IV and the port was wrapped in a huge cast like casing to keep it from being knocked around. It was extremely sharp on the edges (which is ridiculous) and when he moved his little arms towards his face it was cutting his cheeks. My husband freaked out and drove home to get our Handsocks. He grabbed our larger sized ones and slid it over his arm. PERFECTION! No more slices on his brand new beautiful skin. The nurses were in awe of this Handsock! They all asked me where to buy them. We were not expecting this use for our Handsocks but they really helped a stressed out new mama and papa relax just a little bit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


She won’t take them off now! They are super soft and she keeps stroking her face then mine. It’s very comforting!


I wish Handsocks had been available when my girls were babies.


They really are the best. I keep them in the diaper bag.


We love our Handsocks! My daughter still sucks her thumb at 4 1/2, so she's been wearing them at night to help ween. Great way to keep using them as they grow!


I bought a pair of Handsocks for my granddaughter and my daughter loves them. They are a fantastic product.


My kids couldn’t keep mittens on and I couldn’t keep a pair together in the laundry to save my life. Seriously, a uniquely awesome gift for someone expecting.


I have to say that we have a definite Handsocks addiction going on over here! My daughter will not take them off! She has been sick this week, and insists that she has them to "make her feel better!" I'm pretty sure they're a permanent part of our nightly routine, as she sleeps with them on over lotion to moisturize her hands.


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