Hurray for Parents who Blog!

As those of us at Handsocks who have kids tread the wondrous, adventurous, precarious path of parenthood, we’ve been discussing just how brilliant it is that there is a world of parenting tips, advice, fun stuff at our fingertips in the form of blogs for parents.


A good parenting blog can: advise, reassure, sympathise, raise a laugh. Especially during those first years of parenting when amongst the joy and love there can also be worry, fear and uncertainty, it can be so amazing to happen upon another mom or dad who’s experiencing the same highs and facing the same challenges.


At Handsocks we use blogs for all sorts of reasons – to get advice on enticing a fussy eater, inspiration for birthday parties, Christmas gift ideas, help on dealing with childhood eczema and baby scratching, looking for cool kids activities…or  sometimes just to know we’re not the only crazy one juggling kids, work, home, etc!


Here, in no particular order, are a few of our favourite family blogs. If you have a recommendation, do let us know on our Facebook page.

Helpful review website covering everything from babywear to recipes. Always has fun giveaway opportunities too.

Self-proclaimed survival guide for new moms. Jam-packed with advice, ideas and articles. Great subscription newsletter that tackles some serious parenting issues.

More of a guide and registry than a regular blog, it features simple-to-use guides for new parents: what do you need, what’s getting good reviews, what do your friends recommend, etc.

Laugh out loud funny blog featuring guest writers and fun content. Very frank, not for the faint-hearted!

Started by mum of 3 (soon to be 4) and her husband, this blog really has the personal touch with honest reviews, advice, recipes and giveaways.

Very smart blog with great craft, beauty and home articles and ideas. Great touches like printable activities for kids and seasonal gift guides make this a super resource for parents.

Full of parenting articles covering everything from attachment parenting to travelling with children, as well as advice for being a healthy, active parent. This blog features guest bloggers, giveaways and gift guides.

Covering life, family, fashion and everything in between, this website features some great kids fashion articles.

The clue is in the title: real moms review all sorts of products – from baby gear to toys – making this is a great resource for new parents who may be bewildered by the sheer amount of baby products on the market.

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