Interview with Handsocks #FAB VCU Intern

Best thing about being a student?  New friends, sleeping in, curriculum, gym time.....nope, it's getting to be an intern. ;)  At least we at Handsocks think so! We get the once in a life time opportunity to share our deepest desires and stretch goals and make you part of the plan to get there!

Excited to do a little intro for you to one of the interns we worked with this session at VCU, Jasmine Hernandez.

Jasmine Hernandez

Us: Jasmine, tell us a little about where you are from and why you came to study at VCU?

Jasmine: I'm from the Eastern Shore.  I came because it was the number one Public Arts School with a great program for fashion merchandising.

Us: Why was it important for you to find an internship?

Jasmine: Employers are looking for you to have that experience.  I know I have the capability of helping Handsocks and wanted to put my knowledge to the test.

Us: What do you like best about what you are studying and where do you hope to be when you graduate? 

Jasmine:  I really like how it's a competitive field to go into while many people think it's so easy.  In reality it's a lot of hard work.  It's not as glamourous.  It's a lot of hard work and I really love it.  I am hoping eventually to explore becoming a buyer or going into special events or product development.

Us: We are hoping the peek you have had into the reality of bringing a product to market has helped put a real world spin on your view of business, especially small business start-ups.  What is one special thing you have learned from Handsocks?

Jasmine:  From Casey I've learned if you have an idea don't be afraid to put it out there and go for it.  As a start-up you have to build the awareness for your new product so you can't be scared.   Seeing everything come together has been a great experience for me to witness first hand.  If you are really looking into developing a new product make sure you look into what KickStarter is all about.


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