Handsocks Story

When Virginia Mom Casey Burke Bunn forgot to pack mittens and layers for her daughter, she used a pair of ski socks to keep her hands and arms warm….and the idea for Handsocks was born!

She set out to create the perfect mitten for babies and toddlers: cozy, comfortable, warm, protecting and, they stay on without Velcro or straps. She created just what we were all wishing existed in Handsocks.

As a mother of 2 (Charlie and Jillian pictured), Casey is no stranger to the panic and upset from fingernail scratches on sweet baby skin.

She invented a product originally intended for warmth and it turned into so much more.  Now used for protection of all types, Handsocks is dedicated to being experts in protection from scratching for newborn to 3T aged children.

We are excited to be bringing happiness to little hands with our quality protective comfies.

Available a few styles and many more are coming! 

Our founder’s vision is to produce limited quantity styles and prints.  This will keep new products coming from Handsocks on a frequent basis.  If you like a print, get it fast before it’s gone forever!  This will also make your special print of Handsocks pretty rare which is super fun.

We are so happy to begin providing variety for you on a consistent basis starting this December right during the holiday season! Get excited! 

We’ll be involving our Handsocks fans to pick new prints and name our mittens.

The first ever mittens were named after Casey’s kids Charlie (blue) and Jilly (Pink).  Think about all the fun we’ll have together as the collection expands.

We give back to children in need

Casey and the Handsocks team believe that every child deserves a safe, loving and happy childhood. She decided early on that Handsocks would help children in need, and we’re proud to say that a percentage of all Handsocks sales are donated to a registered charity dedicated to offering support and hope to orphans worldwide.

Why use Handsocks

Perfect protection for tiny hands

There are so many reasons why our customers love Handsocks mittens!

  • Protection: protect precious newborn skin from scratches, stop babies and little ones from irritating infant eczema, skin conditions and wounds , plus unexpected casts/ports in the NICU
  • Warmth: the unique mitten base rolls up the arm to become a sleeve, giving warmth and a perfect fit
  • Comfort: Our Handsocks have a blankie feel, so soft and comforting and the minky-style have extra padding too
  • No-fling: The sleeve-like effect keeps the Handsocks on without tightness or using Velcro or straps. No more lost mittens!
  • Fashion: Our cute design co-ordinates with plains or patterns, and gives a sweet pattern surprise when the hands are turned back
  • MITTENS GROW WITH YOUR CHILD: Handsocks are a lifestyle brand with models ranging from NB-3T. Our cozy, cute, and protective mittens are designed to grow with your child's needs.


Makes a thoughtful gift

Handsocks are the perfect gift: fun, useful, beautifully designed…any parent would love to receive a pair of Handsocks for their new baby; any toddler would be eager to pull on their new Handsocks.

Here are just a few fun ways we think you can gift Handsocks:

  • Baby shower: Bundle a pair of Handsocks with matching socks and a sleeveless bodysuit to make a wonderful hand-created gift package.
  • Baby shower: Pop a pair of Handsocks into a fun print toiletry bag, along with nail clippers, baby hairbrush, organic baby bath cream and massage oil for a sweet ‘baby spa’ present.
  • New baby: Have a pair of Handsocks tucked into the wrap of a bunch of flowers when you visit the new baby in your life for the first    time.
  • New baby: Wrap with an organic baby skin soap and cream for a newborn skincare gift.
  • First birthday: For a gift idea that will stand out against all the toys, a pair of Handsocks mittens will be loved by both the birthday baby and their parents!
  • Second birthday: Match Handsocks mittens with a hat, tights or socks to create a lovely accessories package that any 2 year old would love to receive.


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