This Mess I'm In!

If you came to my front door today without any notice, you would find a scene similar to this. I'm curious. What do you see? What would be your first thoughts walking into my living room? Even better, what if I dropped by and it was YOUR living room?

If I am honest, most of the time I see a mess. I see work. I see it as a chore. And I feel tired looking at it. I can't be the only one who thinks this way. I see piles of laundry needing to be put away, toys out of place, things stacked on surfaces that don't belong, clutter, unfinished projects, blankets that need folding, and more and more... And this is only one room! BUT I also see dreams come true. I wanted this mess. I chose this mess. It came with the wife and mother territory and has the holiday season sprinkled all over it right now. And I'd never trade it. Yet, I'd be embarrassed for most of you to show up at my door unannounced. Why? Because I think most of us like others to think that we have it all together and can keep up with everything, ALL the time. If this looks like a mess to me, then it must seem that way to others, right? (HINT: Actually, that's less often the case.) I'd default to an apology and maybe even scramble to tidy up a few things or rattle off an explanation for why the house is in the condition you found it. I'm trying to change that though. Nothing's wrong with wanting a tidy home for guests. If I knew you were coming, I'd surely spend any spare moment sprucing up all around, putting everything in place, and making sure it smells nice. But what you see above shouldn't be embarrassing because it's real life. 

You see, I have these beautiful little creatures with me 24/7 and our home is for playing and learning. Their Daddy and I also live here, along with a dog and a cat in a space some would say we've long outgrown. I can't pretend that I really like the accumulation of things out of place, but I love and adore these kiddos enough to know that they are more important and I'm balancing their requests to do things with them against my feeling of constantly needing to tidy up. Also, I'm tired! Maybe you can relate? I hope someone can. Let it serve as an encouragement.

Life has seasons and this is the one I'm in right now. I rest in knowing that the hard parts don't last forever, but even more, I'm trying to make it last for the sake of keeping these little ones small for as long as I can! When the clutter is gone, they will be too. So, for now, I'll keep the clutter. And if you happen to show up at my front door, you might be a witness to it too, but I will try really hard to not make excuses for it and neither should you in your own home.


Mama Tamara


Handsocks Mommas


Handsocks Mommas

Handsocks Mommas

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Handsocks Mommas

I loved this! It was well written and as you know well, I can totally relate. 3 days after Christmas and my house is still in shambles and I am still exhausted, but there has been a lot of snuggles and playing and memories and I agree with you that one day I’ll have the tidy, stylish house of my dreams but right now I’ll take the memories (ans messes) made.

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