How to talk to your kids about how babies are made?


Oh Mommyhood! Moms, I need your help! My boys are just turned four and about to turn three. A few weeks ago, I learned that the famous April the giraffe is pregnant again! The boys were asking me about it because I was watching a video of her so I BRIEFLY spoke about her second baby giraffe. Fast forward to this week. They have had the movie Boss Baby on repeat all week.

Now, if you haven’t seen Boss Baby, it’s adorable. BUT, it talks about where babies come from and NOW my kids are obsessed with asking a zillion questions about babies, where they come from, how they get in the belly, how they get out and many more. If I give a general answer, they are relentless until they get a legit answer.

I wasn’t prepared for this yet! I thought I had at least a few more years!!! So tell me, what do I say!?




Handsocks Mommas

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