Should you try Babywearing?

Hey Mamas!
Let’s chat about BABY WEARING! 
Before I became a mama I couldn’t wait to be able to wear my baby around but was definitely nervous about all the options that are out there! 

So I did my research & came across 3 main types of “baby wearing”. The more well known, structured kind- such as a Baby Bjorn or an Ergo carrier. Then there was the very “ancestor” way of baby wearing with the wrap style. This method definitely sparked my interest because I loved how this was the way all mama’s - since the beginning of time- wore their babies. They simply just wrapped a piece of fabric around themselves and securely tucked baby in. Although this sparked my interest, I was so afraid that I would never be able to learn how to wrap my baby safely in the fabric. It just looked way to complicated! & lastly was the sling wrap, which has also been used since the beginning of motherhood. 
So I eventually decided to go for the wrap method. I was pretty excited to learn the way of wrapping & at my baby shower my best friend gifted me a Solly (a popular brand) baby wrap. 
After the shower, I immediately went home, opened up the manual and started practicing wrapping. It was actually a lot easier than I imagined but I wanted to make sure I did it correctly so I popped my little 9lb Maltese in my wrap (I know- poor puppy- but he actually enjoyed it! Lol) and VIOLA!! I  was officially sold on the idea & couldn’t wait for the next 2 months to fly by so I could wear my sweet baby boy. 
Fast forward to baby being born- and the day we got home from the hospital I plopped little man in our wrap. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. I loved having him so close to me, he could still hear my heartbeat just when he was in the womb, we got some good bonding time in, I was able to do things around the house while he slept in the wrap, it was the best! 
Baby boy is now a year old and we still baby wear. (Whenever he stays still enough to hop on the wrap! Lol) But it definitely comes in handy on those extra clingy days, or the teething, not feeling so well days. Baby still gets to be held but mama is hands-free and can continue doing whatever she needs to- whether that’s chasing after a toddler, cleaning the house or just sipping a cup of coffee!
I highly recommend all mamas to give baby wearing a try! Whichever baby wearing method you choose, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed && baby will love the extra snuggles! 
XO Mama Chanté
Handsocks Mommas

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