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When your day-to-day is reasonably predictable and things usually go the way you expect them to, even a small thing out of the ordinary can catch you off-guard. Recently, one morning threw me a little curve ball. We were leaving my one-year-old's checkup and headed for an x-ray of her hips instead of home for her nap time and schoolwork for the big kids.


I tend to be a worst-case-scenario thinker. My baby could possibly have an issue that would need correcting. It could be stressful, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and a complete interruption to our norm for several weeks. I have to make an intentional choice to not worry about things that "could" be. There is a verse in the Bible (Philippians 4:8) that reminds me to think about what is true and not dwell on worries that are made up in my head. So, I reminded myself of that and went on with the day, waiting for the Dr. to call with results. 

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We got good news. Her X-rays are normal and there are no further concerns. So we can move on, back to normal.
But I didn't want to get there so quickly without pausing to remember I have so much to be thankful for regarding the health of my children. For some, hospitals, x-rays, tests, and procedures are all a part of normal. Our family's routine does not regularly include these. My thoughts are rarely consumed with medical concerns for my children. Today caused me to stop for a moment and recognize that.
While I believe showing gratitude is important year-round, I normally use the month of November to commit to being more intentionally grateful for all I have. This year I was reminded a little sooner. When my normal is interrupted, even briefly, I've learned there is usually an opportunity for personal growth. I would encourage anyone to make it a habit to pay attention to those opportunities.
I'm entering this Thanksgiving season with much to be thankful for. What are you thankful for this season?
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