How to dress your baby warmly for the winter

How to dress your baby warmly for the winter

In those cold winter months, it takes a little more effort to get your baby dressed for the day. You have to make sure that baby stays warm, especially if he will be outside for a period of time. But you also want to make sure that baby doesn’t overheat. It can be tricky to find the right balance and you definitely don’t want to overdo it on the layers. Try out some of these tips the next time you’re getting baby dressed up for a cold day.

  1. Add a layer

Some parents like to dress baby similarly to how they’re dressed for the day, plus one extra layer as a general guideline. If you’re wearing a light sweater then you might want to put a thicker sweater or hoodie on baby and if you’re wearing a big winter coat, put on a thick sweater under baby’s coat or wrap him in an extra blanket.

  1. Check baby’s temperature

Once your baby is dressed in layers, make sure to check that he’s at a comfortable temperature and not overheating. If your baby feels sweaty or has a flushed face, this is a sign that you should remove a layer or two because baby is too warm. 

  1. Add mittens and a hat

A hat is a must have for taking baby outside in the winter as heat escapes through the head. Mittens will also keep baby warm and cozy, but you might struggle with keeping baby from flinging them off. Handsocks mittens are fling proof and designed to stay on as the base roll sup the arm to become a sleeve for warmth and the perfect fit. Plus, they have a soft blankie feel and a minky-style with extra padding that baby will love.


  1. Pick good fabrics

Wool is a great layer to use for keeping warm but you may want to avoid cotton clothes because they hold onto moisture. Merino wool clothing is an ideal fabric choice because it responds to baby’s temperature and will keep her warm but will also wick away moisture and remain breathable.

  1. Use blankets in the car seat instead of a coat 

Some parents make the mistake of bundling up baby in a bulky coat or snow suit while in the car seat but this can be dangerous because it doesn’t allow the seat straps to lay snugly over baby as they should. Instead, use blankets to cover up baby and keep her warm over the car seat once she’s been safely strapped in.

  1. Use a swaddle

You may be tempted to wrap your baby up in a blanket in addition to a swaddle to keep him warm at night, but a loose blanket poses a danger to babies and again, overheating is also a danger and is a risk factor for SIDS. Choose a warm swaddle that is still breathable and keep the room at a comfortable temperature between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

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