7 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Baby

7 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Baby

The holiday season is upon us, which means there will be heavy doses of family time! Part of the fun that everyone enjoys also includes the gifts and presents. With each year that goes by, you may find that it gets tougher to find gifts for the ones you love, and especially for children who can’t even ask for anything yet. To offer some help, here are some great stocking stuffers for your little one:

  1. Pacifier

A classic gift that will barely take up any space at all in the stocking! Your little one may have already feel in love with their current binky, but this is the perfect chance to see if they can find a new favorite soothing item.

Try Pacidoodle – their personalized pacifiers make great gifts!


  1. Teether 

This stocking stuffer is very similar to the above pacifier idea. If your baby has begun teething however, they’ll likely enjoy a new teething product over a pacifier.

Litle Toader’s AppeTEETHERS are super cute teethers shaped like your favorite foods and treats – these are sure to give everyone a laugh!



  1. Handsocks Mittens/Hand Warmers

Babies have a bad habit of scratching and itching without realizing the damage they’re doing. The best way to prevent this is by covering those tiny fingers. And the best way to cover those tiny fingers is with adorable, cozy Handsocks!

  1. Leg Warmers

While the holidays are a beautiful, festive time of year, it’s also usually pretty darn cold. Keeping your child warm is a priority during the winter months, and leg warmers offer a huge help with this. Stuff those adorable little warmers into your little one’s stocking this year.

Baby Leggings provide the perfect accessory to any baby ensemble with their fresh prints made from the perfect blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.


  1. Bottle/Sippy Cup

Another perfectly sized baby product for the stocking is a bottle or sippy cup. We all know how funky these things can become after several weeks of daily usage. Just make sure it’s a safe option!

5 Phases offers an eco-friendly Hybrid Glass Baby Bottle that is a super safe option and their glass inserts can be reused for food storage when baby is older!



  1. Toys

Even at a very young age, children will get excited about new toys. There are so many amazing options out there for rattles, teethers, and plush toys that your baby will love. Throw a couple into their stocking this year and see which one they like best!

Finn + Emma offer a variety of toys for children that are made with eco-friendly inks and dyes, are handmade and fair trade. These classic toys are loved as baby shower gifts!



  1. Personalized Gift

Personalizing any type of baby product will not only be an adorable gift for your child now, but it’ll end up being a beautiful keepsake for the future. Once your child outgrows whatever the gift may be, you now have the perfect time capsule item to look back on for many holiday seasons to come! 

Stuck On You offers personalized everything from name labels to backpacks to clothing, stationery, and more!



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