Easy Meal Time: 2 fast finger foods

Easy Meal Time: 2 fast finger foods

When my little one started feeding herself, she had a hard time picking up slippery foods. She loved bananas but unfortunately most of the "nan-nas" ended up smooshed all over her jammies and highchair tray, slippery little suckers. Cheerios to the rescue! I pondered, she can pick up Cheerios no problem? Cheerios...bananas...Cheerios...bana.. I got it!


Step 1: Put Cheerios in a plastic baggy and use the bottom of a glass to smash into crumbs.

Step 2: Poor into a bowl and add bite-sized banana pieces.

Step 3: Roll the bites around to coat in Cheerio crumbs and bada bing bada boom!

Bananas she can pick up and won't slip out of her little fingers! You're welcome :)

Now for oatmeal, another favorite! Certainly not a finger food and all she really wanted was the spoon to feed herself; you can imagine how that was going. I made too much for breakfast one morning so I popped the rest in the fridge. The next day I noticed it was breaking up into chunks, in fact I could pick it up with my hands. Chunks, I thought? ...easy to pick up... finger food! So I gave her a few samples. She gobbled it up and didn't mind it cold at all! 

Oatmeal chunks

Step 1:  Make oatmeal per instructions on the box, extra think. Put in a plastic container and refrigerate overnight. 

Step 2: Break into bite sized chunks.

Step 3: Very happy baby!

I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have for meal time in the comments!

Love, Allison

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