Help Mommas! What is the best Christmas Gift for the littles ones?

Help Mommas! What is the best Christmas Gift for the littles ones?


Hey all! I need Christmas help! How do you all figure out your Christmas gifts for your little ones? Do you separate it out into a gift for each person? Or maybe one thing they need, one thing they want and one thing for the future? Do you do nothing and then take them over and let them pick? Do you do one big gift? How do you do a budget? Do you budget a certain amount for each child or no? Since the child doesn’t know how much each item cost!


My kids are turning 3 and 4, they are a year apart. Before this year, Christmas was more about how fun the box was than the actual item in it, but this year they have really caught onto commercials on TVs and things that their friends like. But of course, they have no limit to what they ask for! They also seem to have a different favorite thing each day. This will be my first gift-giving Christmas to my kids where I actually need to think hard about what I’m going to wrap up!


I’ve also seen some parents put all of the gifts in a big Santa sack and then I’ve seen some people wrap up each package individually. Also, do I have to make sure that one child unwraps the same amount of things or the other? So many things to think about this year!


Help mommas help! Any suggestions?

- MamaKelly



Holiday shopping can be overwhelming for busy Mommas with all the things happening in our lives from left to right. But HEY!, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to relax.

Remember that in buying gifts for your little ones, opt for value, durability, variety, and use. There is no such thing as a perfect gift, but here are some ideas so you can begin polishing your Christmas Gift List.



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What about yours? Comment your suggestions below. 



- Mama Casey


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