Dealing with Baby Eczema: Tips To Soothe Baby

It can be heartbreaking when your baby suffers from eczema or another skin condition; as parents, we will do anything to help soothe them. Eczema usually appears as a skin rash on areas like baby’s scalp and face. The cause of eczema is unknown but it can be outgrown and there are different ways to treat it. Here are some tips to help soothe baby's skin: 

  1. Put on protective clothing. We want to prevent baby from scratching the affected areas which can make the condition worse. If your baby has eczema on the hands, put on Handsocks. These baby mittens are designed to keep baby warm, prevent face-scratching, and they help protect baby from further irritating their eczema or other skin conditions. The mittens roll up the arm to become a sleeve which keeps the Handsocks on so baby can’t fling them off!


  1. Moisturize. After giving baby a bath, make sure to apply plenty of moisturizer to the skin to help seal in moisture. It’s best to moisturize at least twice a day. Ointments and creams are usually considered to be better than lotion for treating eczema because they are better at sealing in moisture.
  1. Use natural, unscented products. Products like soap and skin care that contains fragrances and dyes can cause more harm to baby’s already sensitive skin. Look for all natural, unscented and dye-free products for giving baby a bath so you won’t irritate baby’s skin any further.
  1. Use a cool compress. If your baby is having a bad eczema flare up, a quick way to provide some relief is to apply a cool compress to the area many times throughout the day. You don’t want it to be too cold so make sure it is just at a cool temperature. Then you can follow up by applying the moisturizer. 
  1. Avoid triggers. Some babies’ eczema seems to be caused by allergies. If baby has food allergies, those foods need to be removed from baby’s diet in order to treat the eczema. Take your baby to an allergist so she can be tested for allergies and you can find out the best way to deal with them.
Tasha Mayberry


Tasha Mayberry

My husband bought foderma serum for me to help with an eczema outbreak. The prescription strength steroid cream was not working and in fact my condition was worsening. I applied foderma serum to the infected area twice a day and one week later there was no sign of eczema!!

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