5 things every Mom needs to hear

5 things every Mom needs to hear

"At the end, it's all worth it." Andrea said after she told me about how insane yet rewarding is it to become a new Mom.

"When my baby hugs me and give me a smile, I feel energized and inspired." she added while showing me the picture of her 7-month old daughter.

"But. I won't sugarcoat it. When she started crying and when I don't have any decent sleep, I can't help but weep and feel desperate."

Andrea's story is not new. Wonderwoman is overrated for a Mom's job is beyond. Motherhood is a 24/7 job with no salary, no vacation leave, no sick leave and sometimes no lunch breaks. It's a roller coaster of ups and downs with twist and turns.

However, without our amazing Mothers, it's almost impossible for us to imagine where we will be. So here are five things every Mom needs to hear and most of all must remember. 

1. You deserve a break.


Motherhood is a 24-hour job and if it's a career, you are already due for a promotion. Yes, we all know about how exhausting and rewarding this journey for you. But taking it slowly and having a break from time to time is not only something you need, but you also deserve it.

Do not feel guilty. You are a Mom and your family needs you that is why your physical and mental health is important. Share your struggles, accept that you can't do everything, allocate responsibilities, ditch perfectionism and relax.


2. It’s okay to cry.

There will be days when you will be locking yourself in the CR and find the urge to scream at the top of your lungs. Does it make you a failure? We all have bad days, and when you're a Mom it looks like you don't have the prerogative to cry. But go on. Release it. Crying doesn't make you weak, only giving up completely will.


3. You are the Hero of your child.

Maybe you wish you could do better at parenting, but in the eyes of your child, you're already a hero. This is regardless whether you think you are or if you are even qualified. You become a hero when you make time to play with your child. When you support their dreams, when you have their back when they fail, when you teach them what matters most in life and every time you love them unconditionally. Always remember that your job is not to become a perfect Mother, but to be a present Mother and that all makes the difference. 


4. Things will get better.

Not to spoil everything for you, but things will get better. This might sound too cliche and you might not see it coming, but eventually, it will. Your kids will grow up, they will have their own lives in the future and what will you impart them is your legacy. So enjoy parenting because before you even realize it, they are already grown ups.


5. You are beautiful and powerful.


Maybe it's a rough and a busy day. To-do list here, waiting list there and deadlines everywhere. Perhaps, you don't even have time to even comb your hair and you constantly feel insecure and ugly. While taking care of yourself is a must, what makes you a beautiful woman is beyond skin deep. You are tired, but you keep going. You are overwhelmed, but you never quit. Most importantly, you are afraid, but you are full of hope.


To all the Mother's in the world. Hat's off.

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