Tips to Prevent Infant Face-Scratching

Tips to Prevent Infant Face-Scratching

Not even hours old, our baby boy scratched his face (and before we could snap a pic and upload to Facebook)! With babies, scratching is going to be inevitable as they move their hands around, whether they’re asleep or awake. Don't worry too much, as face scratching is usually never painful for baby, but to help prevent your precious one from marking up his or her face these tips will help:

  1. Pack a nail file in your labor bag. Newborns have thin nails but they are still sharp enough to leave a scratch. If your newborn's nails are long, carefully file them down. Continue to trim them multiple times every week as they will grow fast. The best time for trimming nails is when baby is asleep or after a bath.

  3. Swaddle baby. Some babies have a startle reflex where they startle for no reason or in response to a loud noise or sudden movement. They will then flail their arms which can cause face scratching. Swaddling is a great solution for the startle reflex because it holds in baby’s arms and legs close to their bodies so they can’t flail their arms while wrapped up and it also prevents them from scratching their face. The Woombie is a safe and effective baby swaddle that gently cocoons baby’s arms and keeps hands away from the face. It also promotes self-soothing and no wrapping is required with this easy zip-up swaddle!

  5. Put Handsocks on baby.Handsocks mittens for newborns to prevent face-scratchingand keep babies warm without falling off like traditional mittens! They have a soft, blankie feel and a mitten base that rolls up the arm to become a sleeve, giving warmth and a perfect fit. For each pair of Handsocks sold, we give back to orphan children in need.

  7. Moisturize baby’s skin. Babies usually scratch for a reason – mostly it’s a reaction to dry and itchy skin. By treating the cause, you can help stop the scratching. Choose a moisturizing lotion that is safe for baby and made from natural ingredients that will soothe sensitive skin.


If your baby does scratch him or herself, don't panic. I love using Cheeky Salve to heal any scratches – it works within hours and is natural!

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