Ringing in 2021 Pandemic Style

Ringing in 2021 Pandemic Style

With everyone eager to bid farewell to 2020, it’s important to do so safely. As the world aims to flatten the COVID-19 curve, here are some tips to ring in the New Year, sans exposure.

Celebrate with Family
You can host a small gatherings with family members in your household and continue that throughout Jan.

Decorate with twinkly lights and serve festive New Year’s dishes not just on the date, but extend it out through the month: In the South, black-eyed peas are believed to bring good luck, and collard greens signify money and financial prosperity. In Asia, long noodles indicate a long, prosperous life. If you didn't get it on on New Years Eve itself, consider the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes—one for each stroke of the clock to mark the New Year. I'd save those kazoos, silly string, and sparkling cider and keep the fun going.  Folks are even leaving up their lights in support of front line workers. Let's keep the positivity going.

Zooming in the New Year
Host a regular zoom call with family and friends. Invite participants on the call to share any blessings they experienced in 2020 and great things already happening in 2021, in spite of the pandemic. Also spread positive vibes by sharing any New Year’s Resolutions with the group.  Earn brownie points by sending participants goodie bags to family and friends before these calls with activities, hats, game pieces etc.

Outdoor Celebrations
With temperatures dipping this time of year, consider hosting a small outdoor party from time to time. Gathering around a fire provides a festive mood. Have everyone jot down what they want to “let go” on a piece of paper and toss it into the fire. To avoid accidental sharing, drinks can be served as individual serving-sized bottles or use different colored glasses or glass rings. 
Tips to Planning Ahead for 2021

If you’re a planner, you may already have penciled in outings for 2021. But before you make those plans permanent, consider adapting a flexible attitude.
It’s on the schedule. Now what?

Having plans gives us purpose. If we get in the habit of having a plan B (and maybe even a plan C), we are less likely to get flustered when new safety precautions interfere.
Feeling down about staying home?

If you canceled vacation plans, save the money you would have spent. For every outing missed, add the estimated amount you would have spent to your “pandemic fund.” Once the world returns to normal, you can enjoy an extended vacay with all the amenities.

What’s Good?

Above all, look at the silver linings in life. An attitude of gratitude can thwart negative feelings when our plans get derailed. Think of three things you are grateful for when you wake up, and again when you go to bed.
Wishing you and all of your families a warm start to the new year! 
2021 will be one we remember :)
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