Handsocks are designed with comfort and function in mind

Finger Access · Plush Material · Proper Fitting

We perfected our design by using feedback from parents and doctors to include features such as:

  • A sleeve that is stretchy enough to slide up, but snug enough to hold on.
  • Mitten flips open so you can access those sweet little fingers, and provide time for exploring, eating etc without having to remove the whole mitten.
  • Unexpected peek-a-boo patterns make everyone excited when the mittens open up.

Handsocks Mission

We have a goal to help 100 million children worldwide with our product and giveback programs.

Handsocks donates to children's charities each time a pair is sold. We focus on charities that provide shelter, medical care, food, and education to orphans in the US and around the world.

Thank you for each pair that you purchase. We make a difference together.

We are already underway inventing the next generation of Handsocks that parents will love.

Love Your Child's Name

Submit your story for a chance to have our Handsocks named after them.

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Handsocks Mamas

Handsocks mamas are extraordinary mamas! They are our past and present, hand selected brand ambassadors. Make sure to check them and their sweet families out on our social feeds! They would love to connect with you!

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