Handsocks mamas

Allison (#mamaallison) 

Instagram: _apple.sauce

Profession: Formerly an Account Executive in high tech sales turned Pastry Cook for a Michelin Star restaurant, I’m now a full-time mom to my sweet and spunky daughter Indiana.

Hobbies: While Indie and I enjoy swinging at the park, reading books, playing peekaboo and banging drums in music class, I love projects! DIY is my life and I live for a good bargain. I love spending Sunday mornings at the farmers market, collecting art and a good documentary or Dateline episode. I'm enthusiastic about baking and always on the hunt for new recipes!
Fun facts: I grew up in Virginia and transplanted to California 10 years ago. I still say “y'all”. I have a large blended family of 6 siblings. I learned to herd cattle in the 5th grade. I majored in Graphic Design at VCU and will always feel the urge to be creative. I met and married my husband in San Francisco. He’s my rock and tolerates me constantly leaving the refrigerator door open. I’m a vegetarian. My guilty pleasures are Sour Patch Kids, saltwater taffy and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I drink my coffee black. I hate to be startled, terrified of jellyfish and my worst fear is breaking my pinky toe. I'm in love with my family more than I can spread my arms apart. I strive to be honest about what’s really going on because sometimes life is messy. My passion is connecting with other moms, sharing experiences and finding comfort in knowing we’re not alone no matter what we’re struggling with. There will always be another mom that can tell you, “yup, that’s happened to me too.” 

Favorite mommy things that I couldn’t live without!

  • In the beginning, my child WOULD NOT sleep in a crib or anywhere other than with me in bed until I discovered the “Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper”. It was a lifesaver. 
  • The Mixie Baby Bottle - maybe one of the most brilliant inventions ever. I never leave home without it. It's perfect for feedings on-the-go or traveling. 
  • Zip-Up jammies! Forget the snaps, zippers make for uncomplicated midnight changes in the dark and changing a screaming, squirmy baby just a little easier. 

I’m thrilled to begin this next adventure and look forward to meeting lots of mommas out there! 

Patty (#mamapatty) 

Wife, mama and creative soul from NJ.  Working in sales and marketing with a side gig in paper crafin’ + stationery designing.  Loves making days magical for her favorite 4 year old and riding the merry go round of motherhood. 
Favorite holidays: St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas
Favorite baby gear: Handsocks, Ergo Baby Carrier & Fisher Price Rock & Play


Audrey (#fashionmama #mamaAudrey) 

Instagram: audreyjburke

Profession: Global Sourcing Manager

Hobbies: Fashion, Movies, Cooking, Reading, Traveling

Fun facts: I married a professional soccer player and still don’t know much about the game (after 13 years together!). I can say the alphabet backwards. Z Y X W V….

Favorite mommy things: Snuggles, kisses, hugs, coloring, movies…

My name is Audrey (#fashionmomma) and I live in Richmond, VA. I’m a working mom of two cute kids and a loving wife of a hot soccer player/coach named Mikey. I’m the perfect mom, wife, and friend (yeah right….) Just kidding, most days I’m struggling to stay afloat. I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my friends. And (most of the time) I love my life.
I moved to Richmond from Northern Virginia after high school to attend VCU (GO RAMS!). Once there I majored in Fashion Merchandising at the School of Arts and had grand dreams of moving to New York City (I was so ready to be Carrie Bradshaw). Life didn’t agree with my initial plans of NYC and I got married at 22 – right out of college. (CRAZY!) And after almost 11 years of marriage I wouldn’t change a thing. The more I thought about it the more I knew “I don’t struggle well” and I’ll save NYC for when I can afford to buy a gallon of milk and a box of cereal.

I’ve had several jobs since I graduated ranging from designing kitchens to product development of licensed baby goods for the NFL, MLB and NCAA. Fashion is a passion (I know. I’m a poet and didn’t know it.) My entire family loves movies and music. I love to cook and travel.

I have a soon-to-be 9 year old son named Declan and an even sooner-to-be 7 year old daughter named Piper. They’re super fun and super annoying. They either love each other or hate each other – absolutely nothing in between. Both play soccer and I sometimes think to myself “Wait, where’s my dancer, cheerleader or gymnast?” as I’m sitting in my soccer mom chair on the sidelines with my mug of “coffee”.

Casey was my first friend at VCU; she took me under her wing when I was a little 98 lb. 18 year old girl at my first VCU cheerleading practice. She’s a great friend, mom and person. We’ve been through a lot of chapters together and this is just the start of a new one!

Diana (#mamaDiana

Profession: Stay at home mom & inside sales rep for Bocce's Bakery (it's a part time job that I do at home, basically customer service for them)
Hobbies: I love crafts, even though I don't seem to have to much time for them! 
Fun facts: I speak fluent Spanish and am trying to teach my girls, which leaves me talking like Dora the Explorer half the time but they are picking it up! I ran a full marathon and did a body building competition about 3 years ago.  While I'm a long way off from doing either again I think I would like to try and do both one more time!
Favorite mommy things: I love the Similac iPhone app. I started using it with my first to track breastfeedings, diaper changes and sleep times. I still use it for both kids (one for just sleep time and the other for breastfeeding and sleep). It kind of helps me know how my day is going to go with both based on the sleep duration alone! I love by the "relax melodies: sleep zen sounds & white noise for meditation, yoga and baby relaxation" app (also for iPhone)! We use this as a white noise machine (on the iPad) for our youngest. It was HUGE in getting our 5 year old, Isabella, to sleep when she was a baby and now with Olivia, it's a must at nap and bed time! When out and about with my girls we use and love our portable "Folding Potty seat with handles"! It's perfect for little kids who need to sit on the toilet but you don't want them touching public toilets. We also use out "Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Booster" seat on a weekly basis. It's a collapsible high chair that straps to almost any seat. Sometimes the high chairs at restaurants are so sticky and worn, having your own chair may seem like a pain but with this portable seat it's super easy! We've been using the same one for nearly 5 years and it's in perfect condition!


Sara (#mamaSara

Profession:  New Home Sales and Mommy

Hobbies:  I love reading, shopping, Game of Thrones, and playing with my precious son. 

Fun Facts:  I am pregnant with baby number 2 and looking forward to welcoming another baby boy around Thanksgiving

Favorite Mommy Things:  Kickee Pants PJs, Honest Company Bundles, Ovia Ovulation App, Ovia Pregnancy App, and anything OXO (bibs, baby spoons, baby food storage containers).  My son is also very addicted to the Wubbanub pacifiers.  We have an entire zoo of his “wubbas” all over the house.  Any tips on breaking a pacifier addiction will be welcomed soon.  We are also, obviously, handsocks fans!

Lauren (#mamaLauren

Profession: Currently a high school math teacher
Current hobbies: playing with Keegan, pool time, decorating, & working out
Fun facts: I cheered for the Richmond Raiders before I moved down south
Favorite mommy things: baby smiles, baby kisses, new toys (until they start making noise), seeing the world through my son's eyes 

I'm a 30 something mom who currently lives in Woodstock, GA! I'm a former Virginian who has moved quite a bit for my husband who coaches college football!! I'm a high school teacher and a cheerleading coach. My husband and I have a son named Keegan who is just the bees knees! He turns 9 months next week and is such a happy boy!


Chanté (#mamaChante

Location: Richmond, VA
Age of children: 10 month old baby boy
Profession: Visual Merchandiser for H&M- (aspiring blogger!) 

I’m obsessed with my little man- when I’m not smothering him with kisses I love to cook but more importantly eat! I’m definitely a self proclaimed FOODIE! I also love dates with my husband, a good mani/pedi, all things fashion, pilates, & exploring this amazing city! Mimosas & Mojitos are my weakness! Still pretty new at this mommy thing but my favorite things have been my solly wrap, milk snob cover, dock a tot (complete LIFESAVER) & Miss Sophie the Giraffe


Tamara (#mamatamara

Location: Richmond, VA
Age of children: I have three kiddos ages 10, 5, and 1
Profession: During the day, I homeschool my oldest two while trying to keep the youngest from eating the dog's food. 

I don't remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night and I drink more coffee than I probably should. I love word searches and taking pictures, especially of my kids. And one of my favorite places to go is the Botanical Gardens. I'd like more time for reading and gardening, but for everything there is a season. Babies don't stay little, so I'm soaking them in while I can!