Handsocks 1007 SWEET CAROLINE Plush Stay-On Strap-Free No-Scratch Warm Baby & Kid Mittens


Size: (Only available in Small and Medium)

  • S age: 0-6M (6 inches total length)
  • M age: 6-12M (10 inches total length)

Style: Sweet Caroline (Stars) 

Material: Cotton, Nylon, Spandex
  • INNOVATIVE FLING PROOF MITTEN DESIGN-NO STRAPS: Elastic end allows a snug fit. Stretchy cotton sleeve keeps mittens on and acts as an extra layer of protection. Cotton and poly blend mitten flips open for easy slide on and access to hands. This also allows you to expose hands and an opportunity for newborns to still touch and explore with their fingers.Sewn in label.
  • MOMS ARE RAVING! NO SCRATCH AND PLUSHY MITTENS keep those razor sharp fingernails from tiny newborn faces and can help in any situation you need to shield your baby from scratches, help keep them from pulling or tugging on cords/tubes, cover casts/ports, provide warmth, protect from germs and more.
  • FUN FASHION PRINTS: Each print is unique and will not be reprinted once we are out of stock. New prints coming soon!
  • CARE: Hand wash. Dry flat or dry to shrink.  May machine wash but shrinks slightly when dried.
  • MITTENS GROW WITH YOUR CHILD: Handsocks are a lifestyle brand with models ranging from NB-3T. Our cozy, cute, and protective mittens are designed to grow with your child's needs.
  • Help with warmth. Plushy style have a small layer of soft padding and a minky "blankie" feel to the mitten (The founder was on a ski trip with her new baby when the idea came about)
  • Help with newborn scratching (*Not intended to be on newborn hands full time)
  • Help keep tiny hands warm at night
  • Help kids with skin conditions to keep from scratching
  • Prevent scratching of mosquito bites or cold sores
  • Protect from germs
  • Cover hands to keep from pulling on tubes
  • Cover hands to discourage thumb sucking
  • Flip open mittens
  • Scrunch sock
  • Wiggle hand through
  • Slide Handsock up the arm
  • Close mitten when desired
  • When mittens are the right size they should fit snuggly like a sock and stay on *velcro free.

Handsocks donates to chidren in need each time a pair are sold. We work to provide shelter, medical care, food, and education to orphans in the US and around the world. Thank you for each pair that you purchase. We make a difference together.

*Sizing: Go with what's closest to the size clothes your baby wears. 

You can get creative and wear these under or stretch over clothes.

You can roll them down like a sock if they are too long and they will grow into the length. 

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