What I Do All Day When I'm Home With The Baby

What I Do All Day When I'm Home With The Baby

The clock strikes 8:45 AM and the 10 hour countdown begins! Desperate, I Google: "what to do with 10 month old baby all day?" and come across this fellow momma's hilarious blog. I had to laugh out loud and immediately felt better as I read the story of my life, especially between 11:01-11:06. I mean I guess it's good to have goals? Oh man, the struggle is real lol.

What I Do All Day When I Am Home With the Baby ...except I'd have to add:

4:35 Baby hits daily witching hour.

4:36 Put on Bee Movie, immediately feel guilty that I've resorted to Jerry Seinfeld as an animated bee for relief (again) and worry I'm giving my child ADD.

5:37 Text husband, "How's it goin?" aka "when are you coming home please help me".

6:18 Stare out bedroom window with baby on hip counting cars driving by, anxiously waiting for husband to come home, debating whether I should change my clothes.

6:42 Husband arrives home to find me in the same clothes he left me in.

Some days you just can't win'em all! 

Love, Allison

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