The Traveling Mom #Fashionmama

The Traveling Mom #Fashionmama

Traveling is tough. It doesn’t matter if it’s a work, a girls, or family trip. There’s so much to remember and be prepared for. (From stomach aches to being dressed appropriately for the weather) If you’re like me, you  try to plan for it all.

When I’m traveling for work that means my husband becomes Mr. Mom. Don't get me wrong he already does a ton, and we have a great system since our work schedules are completely opposite. (Except when I travel – which is about once a month)

To make things a little easier for him I try to meal prep dinners before I leave. He’s not much of a cook – although he does make a mean jalapeño and onion quesadilla! I know it’s tough with soccer practices, homework, showering (not even sure if that really happens…the pool counts right?) and dinner. It’s more of a small thank you for his hard work with no backup while I’m gone. Plus, I LOVE to cook.

**Side story, one trip I called to check in and while talking to my daughter I asked what she had for dinner and her response was “I don’t think we had dinner, but I had pizza rolls for lunch!” Awesome. My husband’s response to me was “When they’re hungry they’ll tell me and it takes no time to make a bowl of cereal”.

This week I’m in Guatemala City and Mexico City. The Sunday before I sat down and made my menu and grocery list.


  • You can combine all ingredients and put in the refrigerator ahead of time
  • I placed everything in crock pot before heading to airport (at 4:30am Monday morning)

Chicken Piccata (This isn't my recipe but close - mine calls for white wine in the sauce)

  • Get everything prepped and in a dish (with sauce) so he just had to bake to warm up
  • While it’s in the oven warming – he can make the pasta (We like thin spaghetti)

Lasagna Roll Ups

  • Everything prepped and just needed to be warmed
  • While it’s in the oven he can make garlic bread at same time (Doubt that’ll happen – his choice!)

Spicy Sausage and Tortellini Soup:

  • Combine and cook all ingredients except tortellini– all he’ll need to do is add water to the stock and boil then add the tortellini for around 4 mins
  • Again, while that’s happening he can make rolls (Yeah, right!)

Yes I realize that basically every single dish has pasta, but it’s quick and easy to manage. I only received a few texts one night with questions like “Do I leave the lid on or off?” and “The meat is cooked, right?” Overall, I’d consider that a success! Happy Planning!

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