Our CEO's Thoughts on Getting Your Own Idea into Production

Our CEO's Thoughts on Getting Your Own Idea into Production

So you were on this trip, doing this thing. Or, you were with your kids, doing this thing. Or, you were in the car and needed this and wondered if you could buy it on Amazon, but you looked and couldn't.

And this idea comes to you. You have to have it. Others need it too.

Then what?  You immediately call your bestie like I did and say "Hey! Let's start a ______company together". And they say "You can do it, but I am not going to" and begin to give you advice that makes you think you actually can.

Step One: sketch all your ideas out

Step Two: ask a lot of questions to a lot of people

Three: then ask questions to people who might actually buy this thing and document everything

Four: ask more questions, do people really want this like you do?

Five: surround yourself with other business owners, idea people and others who make things

Six: if you can make a prototype, that's what I did

Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten....One hundred and it's ongoing, it doesn't end.

If that doesn't scare you, you are still excited and people really want your idea then you should definitely make your "thing". It's totally possible.

You'll tweak it one day at a time (like the instruction improvement in the profile pic).


You'll grow it one day at a time too, and it will feel like it's taking forever. But, nothing worth doing is easy, and you have a mission.  I believe in you.  Keep reaching for the right connections, focusing on sales and do the right thing and your thing is the next Spanx, Handsock, Waze, or Pokemon Go.

XO to the moon,






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