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I’m a huge supporter of Kickstarter – it’s truly awe-inspiring how people can come up with such innovative products and ideas. Kickstarter is really an amazing community where dreams come to life and you get to be a part of that.

I found myself on Kickstarter after Handsocks was awarded a grant in Jan 2016 by The First Years. We were one of 10 parent entrepreneurs and made some lovely friends through the other winners. A favorite that comes to mind is The Doll Kind – huggable dolls with tokens that you give out as an act of kindness.

Victoria’s business was the first campaign I ever backed, and I was hooked.  She had the idea after her baby got into some paint!


* oops, like that could totally happen to my kid, and some folks online were mean about it.  Victoria said meanness is learned and babies aren’t born mean and created The Doll Kind.  Her dolls remind kids about love and give them an opportunity to be kind.

I just LOVED being part of making the vision for something with impact come true through the Kickstarter platform. 

Before I share some of my favorite Kickstarters, I’d like to invite you to get your backstage pass for the new Handsocks Kickstarter I am launching very soon – February 9th! Get your pass here for exclusive info: Soooo much excitement building here, I hope you will get the bug and join us.

I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! You can start checking out and being dream builders now at the Kickstarter site.  Kickstarter has an awesome review of 2016 available too - it’s amazing: 

Check out some of these cool Kickstarter campaigns we love and are excited about!

Raybaby– Launching January 31

Raybaby is a baby monitor that not only lets you keep an eye on baby at all times, it also measures baby’s breathing for added peace of mind. Raybaby will be involved in Kickstarter’s Make 100 initiative.  It’s something Kickstarter did in Jan to ask people to make 100 of -----------something.  Raybaby will have a great deal for their first 100 and their first 1000 backers. Be one of the first to back them on January 31st!

Willowbrook Girls: Dolls for the Next Generation of Leaders

Neha Chauhan is the founder of these sweet dolls.  She lives in NY and is wonderful with a fun vision for this collection. The doll comes in this amazing carrying case, like the kind my daughter can also zip in all her doll accessories on the go * a real perk in parenting to keep things together....and the stories are just lovely.  

Willowbrook Girls is a doll and story series that gives girls characters that they can see in themselves—girls who are both ordinary and extraordinary, and who are becoming leaders in their own right. Neha wants to move away from the one-dimensional view of girls offered by most dolls, which focuses on appearance, and instead, introduce characters that celebrate girls for their brains, talents, and leadership.  *awesome

Queen Girls - Stories of real women turned into fairy tales!

One for One - For every book purchased, another will be donated to a kid who might be struggling to dream. To reach as many kids as possible and distribute donated books, Queen Girls is partnering with local and international organizations who are fighting illiteracy and empowering girls.

Accordion Play House - The best playhouse for small spaces

The traditional playhouse has always been a hassle to setup and took up too much space because it could not be disassembled swiftly. But Accordion Play House is the one that child can easily install and to hold without any help from their parents also It solves the problem of spatial inefficiency with a folding unit that shrinks and stretches just like an accordion.

Mason to Go #Masonables - Easy Mason Jar Lunchables 

Take your mason jar meals to go with Mason to Go double sided mason jar lids - #Masonable lids for easy mason jar lunchables.

These jars have a BPA free seal to lock in solids and liquids – no more leaks or lunchbox spills!

Hope you enjoyed learning about some awesome ideas and will continue to stay in touch with us as we launch. Join our Facebook Virtual Launch party here:

If you have a great idea and are thinking about Kickstarter, I highly recommend this book that Victoria had me read, Jamey’s A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide.

See you at the Party!

Written by Casey Bunn, Founder of Handsocks

Casey Bunn from Richmond, VA is a multi-entrepreneur. She is married to a professional firefighter, Colin, and has two children Jillian and Charlie. A VCU grad, she started a software company at the age of 25 and became a published author at 31. She spent 5 years as a Rotarian and as a Board member for CASA.

As a new mom after a ski trip with her daughter, she saw a need and founded Handsocks. They are protective comfies with an innovative design which keeps the product on. Handsocks won a national grant from The First Years in 2016 to build awareness with the medical community for their new product.

Casey has appeared on WTVR CBS6 Virginia This Morning, ABC 8, PR Newswire, in The Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond BizSense, Richmond Magazine and in Richmond GRID Magazine.

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