Heart Month

Heart Month

With heart month beginning in just a few days, I just can’t help but blog about it! Why not right!? Maybe I should explain why I am so passionate about heart month.

My second son was born with heart disease. He spent the better part of the first year of his life in the Hospital enduring ten surgeries including an open heart surgery. Last January, his heart was weakening again and just this past September, he had yet another open heart surgery.

Even before Finn, I had a passion for spreading heart awareness. When I was in second grade, my dad collapsed in front of me during a sports for kids game. We found out he had heart disease and since then has had several heart surgeries including an open heart surgery for a valve replacement in 2011.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, especially for women and CHD, what my son has, effects 1:100 babies. In Virginia alone there were over 1000 babies born with heart defects just last year and 25% of those kids will need open heart surgery to survive.

So this February, it’s all about awareness. Take care of your heart so that you can take care of others. Be aware and last but not least, a happy heart is a healthy heart. Do things that bring you joy, laughter and peace. Life is short.

Happy Heart Month!





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