Cat & Jack™ available now at Target

Cat & Jack™ available now at Target

Who loves shopping? I DO! I DO! Let me introduce you to Cat & Jack™. This is Target’s exclusive new kids clothing line and the best part is kids even helped in designing the clothes! This makes my heart so happy! Target is also pushing the fact that these clothes are made to last and you are able to return up to a year after purchase. Say what?!   

I'm a big supporter of the “pick what you want to wear as long as it is weather appropriate” rule in our house. But, I guess that goes back to the “pick your battles” mentality. Theses pieces are practical (well mostly – I mean look at this cape and overalls combo!), full of details like multi-color pom-poms and cute-witty sayings. Plus, it’s not just for girls. The boys stuff is super fun, funky and full of character.

Going back to my VCU - Fashion Department roots I think it's a great way to let your kids show their personalities while giving them a sense of responsibility and ownership in the process. My kids, Declan and Piper, even know how to look up the weather every morning to help gauge what they should put on by the temperature.  

Look at this picture of my daughter a few years back - it's probably my favorite! It's perfect in every way (Especially the large "P" key-chain she made into a necklace!).

Happy Shopping! xo


P.S. And I’m totally getting Piper that "practical" cape mentioned above….

handsocks mama xoxo

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