Handsocks No-Scratch and Warmth Newborn thru Toddler Baby and Kid Mitten Gift Pack (4 pair)


Handsocks are like loveys you can wear. These long sleeve mittens will be something you use almost daily if not every day. Ask moms who have them!

Gift pack includes 4 pair of Handsocks.  

Product Dimensions: 1 each of 10 inch length W:3.5"H:.5", 1 each of 8 inch length W:2.5" H:.5", 2 each of 7 inch length W:2.0"H:.5"

When Handsocks fit correctly they should not slide off easily. If you need them to be smaller, they will shrink a little when put in a dryer. If you get the wrong size, please exchange them!

The plushy style has a fine layer of padding and a minky feel. Fling-proof mittens are a "must have" in any household with a child. The innovative construction of Handsocks allows for a snug protective fit that prohibits the glove from flinging off without straps. The mitten base turns into a sleeve that rolls up the arm thus guaranteeing extra warmth, security, and a cozy fit.

Handsocks have the "blankie" effect perfect for the coddle feel.

Handsocks donates a portion of every sale to kids in need to support our future generations. Material: Outer Mitten: 100% Polyester Inner Mitten: 95% Modal 5% Spandex Tube: 81% Cotton Yarn 16.8% Nylon 2.2% Spandex

*Sizing: Wear the size that is closest to the size clothes your baby wears. The XS fit average size newborns.

You can get creative and wear these under or stretch over clothes.

You can roll them down like a sock if they are too long and they will grow into the length. 

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